Don’t Let a Dirty Roof Cost You Thousands of Dollars!

Those unsightly black roof stains may cost you thousands of dollars in repairs or age your roof prematurely!

Soft Wash your roof TODAY to prevent problems, increase curb appeal, and restore longevity!

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Get a FREE Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Quote TODAY!

Why Aquaboy Power Washing?

Our investment in Soft Wash Roof Cleaning is unmatched. We guarantee it!

With our safe and effective state of the art Soft Washing System, we’ll exceed your expectations.

Aqua Boy will give a free estimate and answer all your questions. We are proud of the service we offer our customers!

The Aqua Boy Process

Aqua Boy will assess your property before beginning any form of cleaning.

Next, a determination of correct chemical usage and application will be followed.

Aqua Boy Roof Cleaning process must meet the highest standards of customer satisfaction before requesting any form of payment.

Lawn & Landscape Protection

Yes! Leave the fear of safeguarding your flowers, plants, trees, shrubs and lawn to us.

We know how much money and hard work it takes to beautify your landscaping. We will wipe out those ugly black stains on your roof, but not everything else!

Aqua Boy Powerwashing takes safety (and your landscaping) seriously!

Effects of Roof Moss & Lichens

Moss prevents water run off,causing Mildew and Mold. Moss should NEVER be Pressure Washed.

Lichens root into your shingles lessening their protection.

Our Soft Wash cleaning will treat all forms of Algae, Moss and Lichens. Visit our web site for more information.

Information for Homeowners

We are starting to see more and more magical formulas on the market that promise homeowners quick and easy cleaning results.

The Soft Wash Roof Cleaning process should be performed by an experienced professional with the right equipment.

Why You Must Clean Your Roof

  • A clean roof means lower heating/cooling and utility/energy bills for your home
  • Soft Wash Roof Cleaning extends the life and protection of your home’s roof
  • A clean roof increases property value & curb appeal
  • Roof cleaning & regular washing is only a fraction of the cost to replace a roof

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Customers LOVE Aqua Boy Soft Washing!


Author Picture

Our home in Cherry Hill, NJ needed a power washing badly. Aquaboy to the rescue! Polite and professional staff made our experience great! Be careful, not all power washers in south jersey are the same. Aquaboy Power Washing got our roof, deck, and concrete patio CLEAN! All we can say is WOW! (and thank you!)

The Carter Family – Cherry Hill, NJ   


Author Picture

Thanks to Aquaboy Power Washing, my home looks GREAT now! We tried the soft wash roof cleaning and power washing in Marlton and we have to say we are impressed! Great job Aquaboy! We love the roof washing, it got our roof very clean. We will definitely call you again!

Earl Rowe – Marlton NJ   


Author Picture

Our Medford Power Washing and cleaning project was big! The whole house, roof, sidewalk, fence & driveway nneded cleaning. We called Aquaboy Power Washing and they showed up the same day for an estimate! Not only was the owner polite and professional, he took us through every detail of the project! When the crew showed up for the job, they got EVERYTHING clean! Wow. Our ‘fixer-upper’ home turned into a beautiful home almost overnight! For Medford Power Washing & roof cleaning, it’s Aquaboy Power Washing all the way!

Jason & Maria Martinez – Medford, NJ   


Author Picture

Thank you thank you thank you Aquaboy Power Washing! After searching and interviewing Power Washing companies in Moorestown, we settled on Aquaboy. WOW, they got our fence, home and roof washed so clean we thought everything was brand new! If you live in Moorestown, NJ and need Power Washing, fence washing or roof cleaning, call Aquaboy Power Washing, you won’t regret it! Thanks again!

Beth Durkett – Moorestown, NJ   


Author Picture

Our roof was in TERRIBLE shape with black stains, streaks and all kinds of growth. Aquaboy Power Washing came to our home in Voorhees for an estimate. From the moment they arrived, we knew this was the company to help clean our roof. They were on-time, professional, and courteous. Our roof looks amazing now! If you need a roof wash in Voorhees, call Aquaboy Power Washing!

Steve VanHorn – Voorhees, NJ